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Attracting Specific Birds & Wildlife

Attracting Specific Birds & Wildlife

Various bird seed brands and mixes will attract specific birds to your lawn and garden. We carry Pasquesi No Waste Four Seasons brand of wild bird seed and other specialty mixes. Whether you wish to attract feathered or furry wildlife, check out our Wildlife Feed chart.


Bird Seed Mixes:   

Brand Descriptor/Type Attracts Ingredients
Delco Premium Wild Bird Seed All seed eaters Black sunflower, stripe sunflower, sunflower meats, safflower, peanuts, Nyjer, white millet, cracked corn, red millet, cleaned wheat, fine grit
Delco Wild Bird All seed eaters Black sunflower, white millet, red millet, cleaned cracked corn, safflower, wheat
Pasquesi No Waste All seed eaters Sunflower meats, white millet, red millet, peanut pieces, clean cracked corn
Delco Patio Mix Variety of birds Whole sunflower meats, peanut rejects, tree nuts, dried cranberries.
Delco Cardinal Wild Bird Cardinals Black sunflower, safflower, peanut pieces, striped sunflower
Delco Wild Finch Plus Wild finch Nyjer, fine sunflower meats, hulled millet, canary seed, red millet, flaxseed, canary grit


Specialty Mixes:

Brand Descriptor/Type Attracts Ingredients
–– Chickadee Chickadees White millet, black sunflower, safflower, peanut pieces, sunflower meats, dried cranberries, cherry flavoring.
–– Nyjer Mainly Finches Nyjer
–– Safflower All seed eaters Safflower
–– Woodpecker Woodpeckers Peanut pieces, sunflower meats, shell corn, black sunflower, dried raisins, dried cherries.


Wildlife Feeds:

Brand Descriptor/Type Attracts Ingredients
–– Deer Corn Deer Whole kernel corn, sunflower seed, molasses
–– Squirrel Treat Squirrels Shell corn, black sunflower, mixed tree nuts, raw peanuts, pumpkin seeds
–– Wildlife Mix All things furry may be attracted Whole kernel and cracked corn, oats, black sunflower, steam rolled corn, re-cleaned wheat, peanuts, peanut meats, strip sunflower.


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