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Keep all the life in your lawn and garden growing strong with a wide range of safe, organic, pet- and kid-friendly products. Find everything from mulch and compost, to planters and bird baths… even grills and patio furniture to create an oasis to enjoy the view!

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Lawn Fertilizer

Feed your lawn regularly to keep it healthy, green, and weed-free. Whether its crabgrass or dandelions, and clover, we’ll help you achieve the best lawn in town!

Mulch, Soil, Compost

To keep your garden blooming spring to fall, an amended soil will create a healthy, growing medium for perennials, trees, shrubs, awns, and vegetables, too.

Weed Control

By keeping weeds under control, you’ll enjoy more free time to enjoy your garden and lawn. We offer many solutions for eliminating weeds using chemicals or organic methods.

Disease Control

Gardeners need to lookout for plant diseases and fungal problems since early attention to these problems work the best. We’ll help you find the best solutions, including organic methods to treat diseases such as leaf spot, powdery mildew and many more.

Insect Control

Keep pests under control with the correct treatment for indoors and outside. We offer solutions that will control insects at all life stages such as caterpillars, grubs, beetles, ants, and others in our zone.

Animal Control

We focus on solutions that deter small and large critters by using control methods that are safe for people and pets. Our staff is happy to help.


Stock up for cozy fires inside and outside! Our kiln-dried firewood produces a slow , even burning fire that lasts longer and burns hotter. Available in small bags, racks, half-facecords, and full facecords.

outdoor living big green egg

Outdoor Living

As soon as spring arrives, it’ll be time to start living outdoors! Design your favorite space with Adirondack chairs, patio umbrellas, hammocks, firepits, and the Big Green Egg… the most versatile outdoor grill.

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It’s time to start planning your spring garden by choosing the best soils and fertilizers. Check out our selection of bagged goods to see how they can make a difference on lawns and gardens.

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