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Rustic Farmhouse

FAQ: Bird Houses & Feeders

Birds are very curious creatures! They explore their small territories and are on constant lookout for two things: Danger and Food. A healthy, diverse habitat is also essential for birds to thrive, along with bird houses for shelter/nesting and food such as seeds, berries, or insects in the wild or at bird feeders.

We listed a few of our favorite bird houses and feeders that will bring many feathered visitors to your backyard in every season. (Pictured: ‘Rustic Farmhouse’ Bluebird House)



WOODLINK ‘RUSTIC FARMHOUSE’: The ‘Rustic Farmhouse’ brand is on trend and incorporates a functional design with popular materials like rustic woods, corrugated, galvanized metal and decorative star accents.

  • Hanging Wren House: The Wren House features one 1 1/8-inch entrance hole, a corrugated galvanized metal roof and rustic wood.  Small and sweet, this hanging nest box has a pitched roof and room for small cavity dwellers. The design provides a perfect nesting spot for Wrens and the lack of a perch discourages sparrows. The floor removes for seasonal cleaning. Fully assembled and ready to hang with the attached jute rope hanger.

COVESIDE CONSERVATION PRODUCTS: COVESIDE products manufacture habitats/houses for every species of cavity nesting bird in North America… including bats, bees, butterflies, squirrels, as well as a complete assortment of feeders. The designs of the houses are accurate for each species, easy to clean, well-insulated and provided with proper drainage. The bird habitats/houses and a majority of the bird feeders are crafted of custom milled, sustainably grown Eastern White Pine. Handcrafted in Maine.

  • Nuthatch House (upright): The Nuthatch Bird House is designed for red-breasted & white-breasted nuthatches. It should be located away from buildings and in an area with mature trees for best protection from house sparrows.
  • House Wren House (upright or hanging): This bird house was designed with a one-inch entrance hole so that wrens will feel protected. Habitat: Place the Wren House on a pole or attach to a tree in quiet areas in residential areas, city parks, farmland or woodland edges.
  • Slant-front Bluebird House (upright): This design is popular because it discourages cats and other predators. Since the bottom tapers, less nesting material is needed. The front opens easily for observation and cleaning. Mount this box high on a post so that potential occupants can be easily observed from a distance. Habitat: Bluebirds enjoy open woodlands, fields, and farmlands with scattered trees.
  • Observation Bluebird House (upright): Use as an educational tool for kids! View the bluebirds without disturbing them. This nest box has a Plexiglas panel to keep birds safe while birdwatching, but it slides out easily for cleaning. Habitat: Bluebirds like open woodlands and farmlands with scattered trees.
  • Window Nesting Box House: Watch birds up close! Attach this bird house to a window and watch the nesting process from close range. Two suction cups provide stable mounting. It’s simple to install the bird house and observe the nest building, egg laying & chick hatching from within your home. Set it up for school projects & let kids get involved with nature up close. Habitat: Bluebirds like open woodlands and farmlands with scattered trees.

NATURE CREATIONS: These handcrafted folk-art bird houses are created in Southeastern Illinois from recycled metals and re-purposed wood from weathered barns. Each bird house is unique and can be decorative indoors or hung outside for wild birds to use.

  • Choose from many bird house designs such as church, schoolhouse, farmhouse, country store, classic bird house shapes & many more.


MR. BIRD: Offers tasty and nutritious seed and/or nut combinations to feed your favorite backyard birds! Suet cylinders and seed blocks are easy to hang, and they won’t melt in summer’s heat. During the winter holidays, look for seasonal ‘Bird Seed Casitas’, ‘Seed Wreaths’, ‘Christmas Trees’ and ‘Seeded Pinecones’ for holiday gift-giving.

SUET SEED CYLINDERS: Small or large cylinders or blocks of Mr. Bird suet formulas:

Wild Bird Feast: Premium seed and tree nuts make these suet-sized cakes irresistible to birds. Contains tree nuts, black oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, and a dash of white millet. No mess – never melt.

Safflower Feast: 100% safflower. Attracts cardinals, grosbeaks, house finches and more. Squirrels, grackles, sparrows, and starlings generally DON’T like safflower.

Flaming Hot Feast: For birds ONLY!  What makes this product special is the formula; sunflower hearts, peanuts, golden safflower, mealworms, and it is extra spicy hot! This is just what your customers want, more birds, a greater variety of birds. You will have customers that return time and time again to keep their little birds happy. This product contains a strong eye, nose, and skin irritant (hot pepper).  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and keep out of reach of children.  

Bugs, Nuts & Fruit: A delectable feast for an amazing variety of wild birds. This formula is sure to attract your favorite feathered friends with its fantastic blend of mealworms, pecans, sunflower hearts, raisins, and cranberries. BUG APPETIT!

Woodpecker Feast: A feast of tree nuts, peanuts, raisins, and black oil sunflower keeps beautiful and interesting woodpeckers coming back for more. Contains many rich foods that woodpeckers love.

MR. BIRD SUET HOLDERS: Mr. Bird offers small or large size EZ Feeder Holders for Cylinder Suet and NeatFeeder Wire Grid Suet Cake Baskets. Fill with your choice of of Mr. Bird Suet combinations from list above.


WOODLINK: Manufactures recycled recycled plastic ‘Going Green’ bird feeders and bird houses, as well as a traditional line of cedar bird feeders, bird houses and accessories.

  • Deluxe Cedar Feeder: The classic design of solid construction and hinged roof makes for easy filling in this long-lasting, natural cedar feeder.  Open feeding style allows for easy bird visibilitywhich will attract many birds including cardinals.  Holds up to 4 pounds of mixed wild bird seed. Ready to hang with an attached cable. Dimensions: 11″ x 7.5″ x 9″ Made in the USA.
  • Deluxe Ranch Feeder with Suet Tray (hanging): Dimensions: 9.5″ L x 13.25″ W x 9.75″ H. Hopper style wood feeder with 2 suet cages
    • Clear windows and hinged roof for easy cleaning and filling
    • Holds up to 5-lbs. of mixed seed and two suet cakes
    • Hangs with an attached cable
  • ‘Rustic Farmhouse’ Finch Feeder (hanging): The Finch Feeder features a clear plastic seed holder to allow for viewing seed levels easily. Finches can perch on both sides to feed. Ready to fill and hang with attached jute rope hanger. Holds 1.25 lbs. of seed.
  • ‘Going Green’ Recycled Bird Feeders and Platform Feeders (hanging): At WoodLink’s ‘Going Green’ products use many renewable or recycled materials. Feeder and platform trays are created from up to 90% post-consumer recycled plastic. Platform and tray feeders attract larger birds such as cardinals, doves, blue jays, and blackbirds. Because platform feeders can be mounted on a platform, hung from a tree branch, or positioned at ground level, they offer birds more room to eat. Also, platform feeders can offer them any type of food such as jelly, suet, nuts, fruit, mealworms, seed, or berries.
  • Powder-coated, metal screen bottom allows for drainage.
  • Sturdy screw construction
  • Hanging cable included.
  • Made in the USA.

BIRDS CHOICE: The Birds Choice line of professional feeders and bird houses are built with patented components and constructed for the best performance. The poly-lumber construction is guaranteed never to fade, crack or split.

Spruce Creek Collection: These bird feeders from Birds Choice are named after the famous Spruce Creek Trail, a favorite among birdwatchers. Hopper and platform feeders are available. Made in the USA.

  • Color: Natural teak
  • Constructed with durable recycled plastic
  • Recycled plastic is guaranteed to never crack, split or fade.
  • Powder-coated aluminum screen provides excellent drainage to keep seed dry & fresh.
  • Nylon hanging rope
  • Brass hardware
  • Anodized aluminum hinge makes roof easy-top opening for filling & cleaning.
  • Woodpecker Feeder (hanging): Give the birds in your backyard a nutritious treat with a suet feeder. The Bird’s Choice feeder is designed especially for woodpeckers so they can brace their long tails while they feed. Made of recycled plastic and milk jugs and a suet cover that is a coated metal grid. It’s durable for any weather and good for the environment. Included with a ready-to-hang cable. To refill the feeder, simply open the top.

WHAT SEED ATTRACTS THE MOST BIRDS? Sunflower seeds (striped, black oil, hulled)
However, a variety of seeds such as sunflower, safflower, Nyjer or thistle, white proso millet, shelled & cracked corn, peanuts and golden millet, red millet and flax, will attract many types of backyard birds. Black oil sunflower seeds are an excellent source of protein and will attract cardinals, chickadees, finches, sparrows and woodpeckers, too. Hulled sunflower seed meats are also a popular option for smaller birds.

TIP: Too many sparrows at your feeder? Avoid white millet in your bird seed blend. 

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