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Best of Flowering Shrubs

Spring Flowering Shrubs

Relatively low maintenance shrubs add plenty of color to the spring landscape, when you need it most!

1. Forsythia ‘Show Off’: Bright yellow, EARLY spring flowers on compact, deer resistant shrubs. Matures from 5-6′ tall and wide.

2. Lilac ‘Bloomerang’: This special llilac doesn’t just bloom once in spring… it blooms summer through fall! Shrub has a tidy, rounded shape and it’s resistant to lilac diseases. 4-5′ at maturity.

3. Viburnum ‘Korean Spice’: Pink buds open to fragrant, white flowers. Berries and outstanding fall foliage make this shrub a 3-season wonder! Slowly reaches 4-6′ tall and wide.

4. Big Leaf Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’: Compact, big-leaf hydrangea with reblooming flowers that bloom on old and new wood. Large, lush flower clusters in blue, pink, purple or white. Prefers moist soil. 3-5′ tall and wide in full sun to part shade.

5. Azalea ‘Karen’: Hardy and reliable evergreen shrub with lavender, trumpet-like flowers. Brilliant autumn foliage. Ideal planted as a specimen or in groupings. Matures to 3-4′ tall and wide.

6. Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’: Native hydrangea with fluffy, snowball-like, white flower clusters and medium green, heart-shaped leaves. Blooms in late spring and continues through fall. Thrives in part sun and moist soil. A good-sized shrub that grows up to 5′ at maturity. Can prune to keep smaller, if desired.

7. Weigela ‘Wine & Roses’: Rosy-pink flowers add a touch of romance against dark, glossy foliage. Blooms in spring and reblooms throughout the summer months. Hummingbirds love it! Matures to 4-5′ tall and wide.

8. Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’: Double, pink blooms contrast with glossy green and deer resistant foliage. Beautiful, long-lasting spring shrub for beds and borders. Matures up to 3′ tall and 3′ wide.

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