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Melinda's Seminar on Natives1

Native Plants and Nativars. Page 1


If you missed the Melinda Myer seminar ‘How to Incorporate Native Plants into Your Landscape’,
here is a list of native plants and ‘nativars’ she suggested for your garden.



Whether gardening on a balcony, small city lot or an expansive piece of land, you can add native and other pollinator-friendly plants to your garden. Too often we think growing native plants is an all-or-nothing venture. It doesn’t have to be. You might be surprised to find a few pollinator-friendly plants like purple coneflower, New England aster and bee balm already growing in your garden.  Build on your current gardening efforts and work your way to more natural plantings.


Cultivars of native plants (nativars) often offer attributes such as smaller size or less aggressive growth habit than the native species. These features often make it easier to grow these in urban and suburban yards. There is debate as to whether these are as an effective food source as locally selected and grown native plants. It will be years before we have the answer on every nativar.


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